PGWG Gao Bai capital belongs to the high Bo Wilson group. It is a financial trading brand of Gao Bai group. It was founded in Oakland in 2006.

PGWG is dedicated to providing global retail and financial institution customers with foreign exchange, metal, energy, index and other CFD products trading and related services.

PRIVACY Privacy protection

If you contact us by e-mail, you should pay attention to the uncertainty of e-mail security. If you send the unencoded sensitive or confidential information again, it means accepting the risk of Internet network. Internet is not completely safe, your information may be leaked or blocked.

The personal information you provide to our company will be classified as confidential only in our company, subsidiary and business partner, and will never be leaked to third parties unless the regulatory procedure is required. Website tracking system may collect data that you have browsed through the webpage, how do you find this website, visit the frequency of the website and so on. Access to such information is mainly used to enhance user satisfaction, contact users and provide users with appropriate and useful information.

Considering the new laws and regulations, technology, and changes in our operations, our privacy policy statements will be updated from time to time to ensure that it is still applicable to the changing environment.

If we decide to update the privacy policy, we will show it in the privacy policy statement and release it in other places to let you know what information we are collecting, how it will be used and where it is possible to be open.