The holiday market is not closed. This week's non-agricultural report is heavy.


     In the week of from April 2nd to 6th, Easter and Qingming Festival will shut down many markets around the world. Nevertheless, the market will usher in the heaviest monthly data -- the report on non farm employment, the prompt increase in the number of non farm payrolls. After the report, the new chairman of the Federal Reserve, Powell, will speak on the economic outlook, which is expected to make an inevitable reference to the status of the US labor force, and it is expected to have an impact on the market.

     The global central bank, the RBA rate decision will be announced on Tuesday, is expected to continue to halt the troops and wait. Many analysts predict that they will keep interest rates unchanged until mid 2019 or even later. The European Central Bank will announce the minutes of the monetary policy meeting on Thursday. Last week, the European Central Bank pipe Commission suggested accelerating the end of debt purchase. If the European silver era mentioned the same view, it is expected to raise the euro's appeal.

     The political risks of the last week and the risk of Trump's trade policy have both eased. In this context, the dollar has been boosted, but it is inevitably influenced by seasonal factors. Whether the rebound of US dollar can continue in April is worthy of continuous attention.

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     Market hotspots this week

     On Monday (April 2nd), we will announce the new manufacturing PMI of China in March, while the US will announce the March ISM manufacturing PMI.

     On Tuesday (April 3rd), the RBA will announce the April interest rate resolution. In addition, France, Germany, the euro area and the UK will announce the Markit manufacturing PMI in March.

     On Wednesday (April 4th), the Federal Reserve director Renard and this year's ticket Committee mester will make a speech; the eurozone will announce the initial CPI annual rate of March and the unemployment rate in March; the emphasis should be on the ADP employment data published in the United States, which is expected to guide the non-agricultural data thereafter.

     On Thursday (April 5th), the ECB will announce the summary of the March monetary policy conference; the data will focus on Australia's February commodity and service trade account.

     On Friday (April 6th), the United States will announce the heaviest point of concern this week, the non farm employment report in March; but before that, the Fed's ticket Committee, BBO, will speak.

     On Saturday (April 7th), the new chairman of the Federal Reserve, Powell, will make a speech; the evening non - ticket Committee Evans will make a speech. He is recognized as the super pigeon of the Federal Reserve. His attitude will affect the market opening on Monday.

     On Sunday (April 8th), the 2018 annual meeting of the Boao forum for Asia was held on the theme of "open and innovative Asia, a world of prosperity and development", with a period of four days (8-11 April).

     This weekend, China will publish the latest data on foreign exchange reserves, which is also worth noting.

     This week's holiday reminding

     The time difference between Sydney and Beijing in southeastern Australia was reduced to 2 hours and the time difference between New Zealand and Beijing was reduced to 4 hours since April 1st, when the Oceania region entered the winter season.

     This week, due to Easter and Tomb Sweeping Day holidays, many markets around the world will be closed. For the specific market arrangement, please click "Qingming Festival + Easter". The strongest holiday weekend arrangement is read in advance.