The ultimate state of finance is that everyone owns his bank.


 It is said that every young man has a dream of banking in his mind.

  The financial science and technology platform is a dream factory for young people. In the future, anyone can achieve their banking dream with the help of financial technology platform.

 Financial technology is divided into two directions: enterprise and individual.

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     "Enterprise finance" has formed a consensus. The development path of corporate finance is "business product, product transaction, transaction network, network platform and platform finance". At this moment, financial technology business is infiltrating in different industries, and the trend of integration of financial technology and real economy is irreversible. Most of the physical industry is still in the early stage of "business product". It is expected that within 3-5 years, all entity enterprises will mark the financial science and technology engine, and the data - based financial technology model will create huge commercial and social values. In the past two years, the mainstream enterprises in the traditional industry have abandoned the financial science and technology anxiety disorder, and are integrated into the financial science and technology business with a positive attitude, hoping to play the core competitive advantage and accumulate the network effect with the help of financial science and technology. The enterprises with early layout will rely on financial science and technology to form a strong business transformation barrier, and continue to be in the predominance in the future competition, and the enterprises that are still watching will lose important opportunities for development in the wave of financial science and technology.

     The concept of "personal finance" has been formed. The development path of personal finance is "deposit production, investment personalization, risk control data, risk transaction and loan liberalization". Personal bank deposits have begun to transform into financial products. In the next few days, individuals will face the kinds of personalized financial products and other direct investment opportunities. The open platform of financial science and technology can quickly compensate for the lack of ability and resources of individual in product selection, risk control, credit judgment and risk transfer. Through the financial science and technology platform, individuals will use professional large data wind control model to select individual products of different industries, different regions, different attributes and different stages of development according to risk preference, and allocate resources to specific industries through product forms and share the long opportunities for specific industries.

     It can be imagined that after the technology of personal finance, people no longer need to worry about financing and fund management. According to Zhao Zhiqiang, general manager of high wind finance, "people only need to click on the financing buttons on a computer or a mobile phone to get financial support quickly; an efficient trading platform will provide a safe and steady return on the individual's own idle funds, and zero cash management will become a reality." People with ability and dream can use the financial technology platform as a virtual financial technology operator to connect investors and borrowers, collect their own assets and distribute loans to their own customers to obtain absolute income.

     "In the future, everyone will have their own banks"

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