The Bank of Shanghai "The Belt and Road" overseas cross-border financial service center opening into the 2 era


     "The Belt and Road is north-south and co-ordinate the sea, facing the global century blueprint, this major cooperation initiative has created a new situation of opening up China's economic development, has brought the project, technology and funds for the countries along the development, but also provides China experience and Chinese model for global economic growth. In the process of "import and coming" and "going global", how do domestic and foreign enterprises deepen exchanges and cooperation, seize opportunities and face challenges? Chinese financial institutions should obey the development, service good economic and social participation and support "The Belt and Road" construction, work together to create a good environment for investment cooperation? Through the cooperation between banks and enterprises, how to improve the level of trade and investment facilitation, implement the "The Belt and Road" smooth trade cooperation initiative, jointly oppose protectionism? 2, the Bank of Shanghai to host the "The Belt and Road" cross-border cooperation seminar, in conjunction with the Singapore OCBC bank, Bank of Santander, Spain, invited from several international institutions and domestic enterprises guests, focusing on cross-border cooperation, "bringing in" and "going out" hot issues, resolve enterprises encounter pain points and difficult Point. The seminar, Shanghai bank chairman Jin Yu shared the line with financial wisdom, professional service "as the core concept, practice and effect of service" The Belt and Road "initiative. Hu friend joint chief said that the Bank of Shanghai will continue to extend the cooperation chain, broaden the cooperation field, and enhance the ability to provide comprehensive financial and diversified value-added services for enterprises.

     On the same day, the Bank of Shanghai inaugurated the "The Belt and Road overseas service center. At the same time, the Bank of Shanghai, Spain and Singapore OCBC Bank of Santander signed a strategic cooperation agreement to further deepen. The Bank of Shanghai "The Belt and Road overseas service center will integrate the silver and silver Hongkong international business joint resources, enhance the comprehensive capacity of cross-border financial services and" The Belt and Road project execution ability. At the same time, to enhance cross-border products and service system, through the investment firm linkage, enrich cooperation, improve the innovation ability, the maximum extent to meet the enterprises in the "The Belt and Road" in the process of the construction of personalized, diversified financial needs.

     In recent years, the Bank of Shanghai combines the advantages of service channels to build an online offline integrated service network, including strengthening the digital transformation and Internet financial construction, vigorously developing direct selling banks, electronic banks, mobile banking and so on, forming the online service system covering payment, financing, financing and so on. "The Belt and Road" service time and space distance. The establishment of "The Belt and Road overseas service center, the Bank of Shanghai in this regard try again.

     The Bank of Shanghai governor Hu Lian friends said, "good service The Belt and Road" initiative, banks must improve their professional service capabilities, the Bank of Shanghai will continue to extend the cooperation chain, providing enhanced coverage of cross-border investment and trade comprehensive financial services the whole process capability for the enterprise; and continue to broaden areas of cooperation, enhance the enterprise. For policy, law, tax and other diversified value-added services capabilities. The Bank of Shanghai will firmly grasp and conscientiously implement the "The Belt and Road" construction of the overall direction, good practice to discuss an important guiding principle of sharing.

     In the "The Belt and Road" cross-border cooperation seminar, Shanghai bank OCBC bank, Bank of Santander, Spain, invited from the association, the Asian financial cooperation enterprise development bureau, the China Export and Credit Insurance Corp of Singapore, Singapore Guoco lawyers, law firms and other institutions Lijie guests, will The hot issues mentioned above are discussed. At the same time, He Zhixuan, director of the Asian Financial Cooperation Association Secretary General Mr. Yang Zaiping and enterprise development authority of Singapore China secretary, respectively around the "The Belt and Road initiative under the China business opportunities and challenges" and "new" in the "The Belt and Road" cooperation "keynote speech.

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     The Bank of Shanghai Jin Yu chairman said in his speech, "The Belt and Road national region's economic development level is not balanced, the social and cultural traditions, for enterprises in the overseas market ability and management level put forward higher requirements. At the same time, banks are also faced with new operating environment and requirements, both in their own risk management, or for enterprises to provide effective financial hedging tools, management technology support capacity and so on, need to accelerate the upgrade. The key to better grasp opportunities and respond to challenges is to enhance the ability to serve the real economy in the wisdom of coping with the situation.

     In recent years, its strategic position with the Bank of Shanghai, to give priority to support the "The Belt and Road" project. At present, successfully landing The Belt and Road "nearly 120 projects, involving clean energy, water conservancy, livestock husbandry, electric power equipment manufacturing, health care and other fields, to support a number of high-quality companies including large central enterprises, local state-owned enterprises and domestic listed companies, in the" The Belt and Road along and extension of regional opening The business covers five continents, 24 related countries and regions, covering five continents, 24 countries and regions, including insurance, cross-border direct loans, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, cross border syndicate, and so on. As the first commercial bank to set up branch and land free trade account system in the Shanghai free trade area, the Bank of Shanghai has actively promoted cross-border business innovation, and has formed four series of characteristic cross-border products of "self trade", "self trade win", "self trade investment" and "self trade pool", providing individuality for enterprises in the cross-border financial demand under the capital. Customize the custom service.

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