Shanghai will build monitoring and analysis platform for emerging financial formats, and promote credit information sharing.


 In April 2nd, the Shanghai municipal financial services office, the Shanghai branch of the central bank and the Shanghai banking regulatory bureau jointly issued the opinion on improving the environment for optimizing the business environment of financial credit service (hereinafter referred to as "opinion"). The opinion pointed out that the credit infrastructure will be perfected and the new financial format monitoring and analysis platform for the city will be built. All kinds of credit information platforms and credit entities should be strengthened, and information interaction and sharing should be strengthened.

   The responsible person of the Shanghai financial office said that finance is an important force to optimize the business environment, and to further improve the financial credit service level is an important content of the business environment construction, and also one of the ten indicators concerned by the world bank business environment report. At the same time, further upgrading of the financial credit service level is of great significance for promoting the high quality development of Shanghai financial industry, promoting the construction of the international financial center of Shanghai and the linkage of Shanghai international economy, trade, shipping, and the construction of the science and technology center.

     In a long space, "opinion" has explained the efforts that Shanghai needs to improve its financial credit system and credit credit information application in the future.

     In this regard, Shanghai finance office responsible person said: "the perfect credit system helps to solve the information asymmetry, and enhance the availability of financing for small and micro businesses. "Opinion" focuses on the key links of the collection, sharing and application of credit information, supporting the development of credit service institutions and continuing to promote the interaction and cooperation of silver tax.

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     This includes the following five initiatives:

     One is to improve the credit infrastructure. We will accelerate the upgrading and upgrading of the financial and credit information database of PBC. We will promote the unified registration system of movable property financing, the construction of accounts receivable financing service platform, and introduce the registration inquiry method of financial leasing business. Build a new monitoring platform for financial performance in Shanghai, and support the continuous improvement of public credit information service platform.

     The two is to promote the sharing of credit information. We should promote all kinds of credit information platforms and credit entities to strengthen information interaction and sharing, and facilitate financial institutions to innovate credit products and services. The non bank information, such as the power arrears of Shanghai enterprises, the deposit of provident fund and other non bank information into the basic database of financial credit information, will continue to promote the docking of small loan companies and financing Guarantee Corporation and the basic database of financial credit information.

     The three is to strengthen the application of credit information. It guides financial institutions to launch a financing and credit service combined with customer credit status and rating, giving preferential and convenience to enterprises and individuals who are trustworthy and trustworthy in terms of credit lines, credit costs, and repayment methods. To promote the development and application of credit information generated in the financial sector in administrative management, production and operation, transaction negotiations and other social and economic activities.

     The four is to support the development of credit service institutions. We introduce and cultivate a number of credit service institutions with strong market credibility and international influence, such as credit rating, business credit reporting and so on. Support for the credit service institutions in Shanghai branch of the people's Bank of China to carry out the enterprise credit reporting, declare the "Shanghai Financial Innovation Award".

     The five is to continue to promote the interaction of the silver tax. The tax departments of the city, the financial supervision departments and the banking financial institutions will carry out the "silver tax interaction" in depth, and provide the enterprises with the full process of covering credit business, through the interactive products of the silver tax in the whole link of the pre loan, the loan and the loans.

     The opinion also pointed out that the next step is to expand the financial sector to open to the outside world. Private banks, financial leasing companies, financial companies, auto finance companies and Consumer Finance Companies and other financial institutions should be set up in accordance with the conditions of private capital. We should relax restrictions on banking access to offshore financial institutions and enhance the credit service capacity of foreign financial institutions. Support "The Belt and Road along the country (region) the establishment of the financial institutions in Shanghai, perfect for" The Belt and Road "credit service system," The Belt and Road "going out enterprises to provide quality and efficient financial services.

     At the G20 summit in March this year, Zhou Xiaochuan, President of the Central Bank of China, said that China is actively taking measures to prevent financial risks and promote the opening of the financial sector. In the future, China will continue to support multilateralism and strengthen cooperation with all sides in opening up.

     On the issue of promoting the healthy development of financial credit services, the responsible person of the Shanghai financial office said, "to play the role of the joint meeting mechanism of the comprehensive financial supervision of Shanghai, to improve the pilot of the comprehensive financial management and to explore the function supervision." We should constantly standardize financial supervision and behavior, explore the establishment of joint inspection and comprehensive enforcement mechanism, and reduce the impact on financial institutions' business activities. We should fully implement the responsibility system of financial supervision, strictly enforce the law enforcement accountability mechanism, and maintain a fair and competitive financial and credit business environment

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