Bank of China provides customers with a wide range of precious metals investment and collection products.


     Since this year, the dollar index has continued to decline, global inflation, geopolitical instability, and gold as an inflationary and safe haven asset, has attracted more and more investors' attention.

     The precious metal business of the Bank of China consists of two categories of precious metals and precious metals, of which the real precious metal business includes a rich variety of products such as investment gold, gold, gold and silver coins, gold and silver ornaments, and other gold trading products of the account of precious metals.

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     In recent years, the Bank of China Jiangsu branch has continuously enriched the product system to provide customers with abundant physical, precious metal investment and collection products. Among them, China silver auspicious gold is the golden bar of Chinese bank brand investment. It has exquisite workmanship and good meaning. "Auspicious" is beautiful and smooth. The pattern is lined with the auspicious clouds. The price of lucky gold is linked to the gold price in the international market, and changes in real time.

     In addition, before the Spring Festival, the Jiangsu branch of the Bank of China, in order to meet the needs of the customer's collection of gifts, carries out a large precious metal exhibition and appraisal meeting with the precious metal manufacturers, exhibiting nearly 1000 precious metal products for customers to choose and buy, and has formed a good market reputation in the local market.

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