China bank and Baidu innovation "Internet plus financial information service mode


Recently, Chinese knowledge bank and Baidu signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing, and strive to play their respective advantages in the field of innovation, "Internet plus financial information service mode for both users to provide more professional and authoritative financial information and instant search service. In the future, when users do related issues in Baidu search, the standard answers provided by the central bank will be displayed first, providing the user with the first authoritative release, saving the customer's search time and bringing the most direct benefits to the customers.

     The Bank of China said that cooperation between Baidu and China bank is a specific move to further implement inclusive financial strategy. The Bank of China takes responsibility for social responsibility. The cooperation with Baidu helps to make financial knowledge more efficient, rapid and simple, making financial services more intelligent, safe and convenient, and promoting more professional and orderly development of network information.

     Baidu said Baidu is the world's largest Chinese search engine company and the largest Chinese Web site in the world, with the world's leading artificial intelligence technology and financial technology. The financial knowledge reserve of the Central Bank of China, combined with the platform, technology and user system of Baidu, through the joint innovation of service and technology, will "be the source" in the complex knowledge and information of the Internet, so that the majority of users can share the results of the cross-border cooperation of Internet finance.

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     According to the cooperation agreement of the two sides, China bank will work with Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia and Baidu experience to build the Internet financial knowledge base. In the Baidu portal, it will provide the Internet users with professional and real-time bank business solutions and optimize the customer knowledge search experience. At the same time, as the most international and diversified Chinese bank, China bank will also give full play to its professional advantages in international trade and cross-border services, joint Baidu knowledge to create special services, and create an authoritative channel for overseas users to come to China to obtain "current political + professional finance". In addition, the bank will further cooperate with Baidu map to deepen the scenario finance. At the same time, the cooperation is embedded in the professional financial services for Baidu, and the bank is also expected to convert the mass of Baidu user traffic into bank customers through the embedded service and scene. The majority of the Internet users will benefit from the most authoritative knowledge and the most professional financial services to achieve the "triple win" of Baidu, China bank and the vast majority of Internet users.

     In the follow-up, the bank will also organize the team of financial experts to collate the relevant information in a comprehensive way. It will be included in the encyclopedia, the Baidu experience library and the Baidu map for the customers to consult. In the future, through Baidu inquiry into the operation guide of the Bank of China Bank mobile phone, how to prevent the transaction risk, the E loan of China bank and the location of the central bank, all of them will provide professional and real-time solutions for the staff of the Bank of China or the intelligent robot. Baidu will also give full play to its data resources, and give feedback to customers' preferences and concerns, so as to deepen their understanding of customers and provide customers with personalized and temperature - oriented services.

     "Science and technology empowerment finance, inclusive finance, public Chinese bank and Baidu knowledge together, marking the integration of comprehensive upgrade and Internet plus financial depth, is the spirit of common implementation of the party's nineteen specific measures, insist on leading technology innovation and transformation, truth-seeking, reform, Chinese bank and Baidu knowledge Together with the people's yearning for a better life, complementary advantages and joint innovation, the new experience, higher value and better service will be brought together for the customers

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