Trading Platform

PGWG provides a comprehensive capital market investment product:
Foreign exchange, metal, energy, index, through the PGWG financial products technology, customers only
one account will be able to complete the main international market of different product transactions....

Trading Products

Diversified investment portfolio trading, effectively dispersing and reducing investment risk


    The energy commodity market is the lifeblood of
    the global economic foundation industry。Crude
    oil is one of the most important natural resources in the world....

  • METALMetal

  • FOREIGNforeign

  • INDEXindex


Spread and Margin

PGWG uses floating point difference. Customers can experience exciting low point difference on PGWG platform, and there is no duplicate offer.

Bulletin Information

Trading School

Mature global customer support system. All customers can participate in customer training plan

customer support

PGWG provides customers with one-stop complete transaction solutions, with multiple services
and flexibility.Analysis of management background, PGWG professional
data, the full potential of the achievements of traders.